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A pioneer in the 'language of fashion', Eisman penned international bestsellers, How To Tell A Man By His Shoes and How To Tell A Woman by Her Handbag, published in 12 countries and 8 languages. She has toured the globe as a speaker and columnist on the topic, noted by the media for her "uncanny ability to read a person based on the clothes they wear."


As a journalist, host, writer, and producer, Eisman found her calling in covering human interest stories as well as interviewing many of the most iconic personalities of our times, including US Presidents, British Royalty, and hundreds of Hollywood actors and musical artists and leaders of industry. 


She is the founder of the global hosiery label High Heel Jungle, a line she created to elevate the daily act of getting dressed into an empowering and joyful form of self-expression. 


"Clothing is never superficial, be it an actor who uses their character's wardrobe to fully inhabit the role, a politician dressing to connect with a crowd, or an everyday person getting dressed for work or school pick up. What we wear is an external expression of our self-image, our past, our goals, and our limiting self-beliefs as well. "

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