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Looking for a spellbinding speaker, a truly unique event or conference moment centered on her stunning ability to read what anybody is like inside just from their clothes, a dynamic event host or a style consultation/reading.

Kathryn Eisman's keynote speech, "Dress For Success," is a must-see for anyone interested in unlocking the power of personal branding and using fashion to empower and express themselves and positively change their life. As a pioneer in the non-verbal communicative language of clothing, Kathryn is uniquely qualified to share her insights on 'enclothed cognition' and the psychology of fashion.

In this highly entertaining and enlightening presentation, Kathryn reveals the latest science on how what we wear can influence our behavior, emotions, and even cognitive processes. She shows how by decoding the "clothes clues" of others, we can better understand ourselves and connect with others on a deeper level.

But it's not just about reading others - Kathryn also shares practical tips on how to use clothing to achieve self-mastery, become more confident, and attract the opportunities we desire. With impactful statistics and real-world examples, Kathryn proves that changing our clothes can truly change our lives.

Kathryn reveals the powerful psychological effects that clothing, drawing from the latest research in this field to demonstrate the impact of clothing on our thought processes and how we are perceived by others.


With numerous groundbreaking studies and fascinating historical references and modern day examples highlighting clothing as a tool for non-verbal communication, Kathryn shows how what we wear can speak volumes about our personality, values, and even our social status. She shares practical insights on how we can use clothing to express ourselves, build connections, and achieve our goals.

Through this keynote speech, Kathryn reveals how we can harness the power of clothing to create a personal brand that authentically represents who we are and what we stand for. She highlights the importance of dressing for success and the impact it can have on our professional and personal lives.

In short, Kathryn's speech is an eye-opening presentation that will inspire audiences to view their wardrobe as a powerful tool for personal expression and growth. With Kathryn's expert guidance, anyone can learn to harness the power of clothing to transform their lives for the better.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to book Kathryn Eisman for your next event and empower your audience with the knowledge and skills to dress for success.


One of Australia's most accomplished journalists on the international stage ( Seen regularly on WNBC TV in New York, Good Day L.A in Los Angeles, and E News! worldwide), Kathryn was also the Hollywood reporter for Channel Seven's Sunrise, and The Morning Show.


She brings that elite level of TV professionalism and warmth to every gig as MC or speaker. Kathryn hits the right notes every time.


Whether you are looking for someone stylish to host an event, looking for a spellbinding keynote speaker on Entrepreneurship and women in business or how changing your clothes can change your life, or want a truly unique event or conference moment (centred on her stunning ability to read what anybody is like inside just from their clothes),  Kathryn is the answer.


Her combination of quick wit, polish and warmth has seen her as special guest speaker at the October '22 VOGUE Fashion Night Out, G’Day USA Australian Showcase in Los Angeles, Fundraisers for New York Mayors, Soho House West Hollywood Style and culture Series Keynote, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Annual Fundraiser and Jewish House Annual Fundraiser.

Speech topics include:

  • "Personal Branding"- A tool kit to clearly articulating who you are and crafting an authentic and unique personal brand that aligns and attract the career and life of your dreams.

  • "Women in Business" - No one's coming to discover you, no one's coming to rescue you. How to take back your power, create your own opportunities and achieve the success you deserve.  

  • "Entrepreneurship" 

  • “What Our Clothes Really Reveal About Us"- How changing our clothes can change our life. 

  • "Dress For Success - How To Use The Science of Personal Style To Achieve Your Goals."

  • “Unleashing The Influencer In You: How To Create, Connect and Convince in the new digital age. "

  • "Resilience is you Superpower" -Kathryn is the master of pivoting and bouncing back, and shares a toolkit for building resilience, reinventing yourself and sticking it out to make your goals reality. 

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